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Thomas Basler combines safe, non-invasive medical aesthetics with effective anti-ageing options such as modern supplements, nutraceuticals, high value vitamins, weight loss medication and bio identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).

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Aesthetic Medicine

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Cosmetic Injections are Possibly the quintessential mix of scientific advances and medical art.

In the hand of a well trained, experienced and responsible doctor, the modern variety of injective techniques can contribute enormously to a natural, youthful look.

Relying on excellent products, cosmetic injections effectively decrease wrinkles, restore volume, rejuvenate skin and silhouette.

The tools of this aesthetic artistry are fillers, platelet rich plasma, threads, botulinum, hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy elements - and , of course, the doctors senses and skills to achieve natural results.

Dr Basler uses individual cosmetic injections for:

  • softening facial lines and wrinkles
  • enhancement of shallow contours
  • improving nose and facial silhouette
  • reducing frown and worry lines
  • handling crows feet
  • lip augmentation
  • face slimming
  • skin tightening
  • treating teeth grinding
  • sweat reduction

Thread Lift

Silhouette & Gravity

Relying on the medical effect of injections, your Skin health requires more to protect youthful look. Healthy skin requires prevention, nutrition and biostimulation, vitamins, peels.

PDO Thread Lifting is an innovative method of facial tissue reinforcement. Its is medical, minimally invasive technique which lifts and revitalises your skin. The lifting effect is rather immediate. The second thread effect relates to new collagen production and matrix enhancement - this effect develops over weeks. The mesothreads are made of absorbable well known material polyddhesm and are introduced under the skin with needles. The threads are not remaining forever. PDO itself hydrates, melts in the skin after around six to eight months. However, the PDO but the induced collagen lasts about one year more. The procedure is highly effective in skin rejuvenation by inducing collagen synthesis from stimulating fibroblast. Its merits in procedure are Minimal invasive treatment, No downtime and immediate effect. Due to those advantages, this product has been popular in Asia and CIS countries in short time and spreading into other continents rapidly.

As it is still relatively a new technique in Australia, we would like to share one of the Patient Review that underwent PDO Thread:

Metabolic Health

slimming | testing | vitality

Medical slimming options give Dr Basler the chance to support you effectively.

For many years, Dr Basler has been supporting weight loss patients. He knows all about the intense personal effort it can take to accomplish a healthier weight.

He uses advancements in obesity medicine and research offers slimming options as ketosis, very low calorie diets and medication to reduce appetite and hunger.

For more details please contact Dr Basler directly www.thomasbasler.co.uk

To achieve lasting slimming and beauty results - an integrative, metabolic and holistic vision is essential. Aesthetic concern could be a starting point to think beyond skin and look deeper. Many health problems have root causes within our metabolism - the mixing arena of nutrition, lifestyle and organ responses, cell adaptations and gene expression. Metabolic tests can help to make better choices.


If you like to learn more about the broad and intergrative way to improve your aesthetic and metabolic then please contac Thomas Basler directly: www.thomasbasler.co.uk