Dr Thomas Basler


With years of clinical experiences, Dr Basler is well known for precision, quality and discreet work.

In his private practice he specialises in Aesthetic Medicine and metabolic health.

Many patients from London and beyond trust him for his responsible, caring and natural style.

Your first appointment is best arranged in Chelsea or Mayfair.

Appointment here are very flexible. This includes evenings and weekends.

Prior to your booking you could always arrange a phone consultation with Dr Basler to outline your primary concern.

During your clinic appointment there will be ample of time and comfort to explore your aesthetic desires and look into options and alternatives.

Dr Basler believes in very individual needs of his patients and appreciates that some treatment decisions can take time.

Certain metabolic tests and preventive measures require follow - ups. Some aesthetic therapies are best done in series and combinations. Planning is always adjusted to your situation and can be very flexible in time and place.

So, in case you have additional enquiries before or after your appointment you will always have the opportunity to get in swift and direct contact.

Overall, improving your wellbeing can only be efficient if an harmonic vision evolves around your specific aesthetic and metabolic targets.

For more details please contact Dr Basler directly www.thomasbasler.co.uk

info @ basler.clinic

Aesthetic Medicine

Metabolic Health